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SPRI Foam Roller

The spri foam roller is a great way to help your body become more relaxed and flexibility ready for an initial physical rehab exercise. This soft and easy to use roller is perfect for those looking for a first step in their rehabilitation process.

SPRI 07-70238 Tiger Tail 22

Top SPRI Foam Roller Comparison

This is a high-quality sports performance foam roller that has a 18" circumference and a dense foam material. It has a soft, smooth surface and is topped with an exercise guide. This roller is perfect for those with sports-related pain or tension headaches.
the spri foam roller is a high-quality roller that is perfect for allowing for abatement of heat and heat koridors, body openings, and other body spots. It is also ideal for those with chronic pain or other medical conditions. The roller is capable of providing god-like comfort and control over body pain sectors, providing help in a matter of minutes.